I’ve always enjoyed writing original music. In high school, my dear friend Robert Eckert and I collaborated on a pop ballad. It was fun to collaborate with him and we dreamed of bigger things, copyrighting it for all of eternity(me). Though Robert and I never wrote together again, I was ready for more and have written music ever since.
For many years I focused on writing for whatever band I was a member of. That included jazz bands and some Top 40 bands. My skills as lyricist were… horrible!, but I enjoyed working with other lyricists as well as writing jazz instrumentals. Over the course of my writing career, I have been hired by songwriters to help them refine their original compositions, by lyricists who needed a musician to turn their words into song, and by a few business entities in need of special music for an event or a marketing campaign. And once or twice for friends who were producing a low-budget film that needed scoring.
In undergrad I wrote some chamber music because it was an assignment for a class. But in the last 20 years, I’ve been more interested in composing for chamber groups of varying instrumentation. In 2004, I decided to get more serious and spent 3 years studying with Dr. Michael Schelle at Butler University, eventually earning a Masters in Music Composition. I will always be grateful for the ways Dr. Schelle pushed me to work outside the traditional framework of jazz and popular music composing and fostered a deeper understanding and love for writing for the instruments of the orchestra family.
Jazz Compositions for various ensembles:
Air (lyrics by Jim Albrecht)
Vista Cruiser
Hoo Bop
Special Love
Chas Carter
Oopsey Daisy
Izzy Baby
Energy of Hope
Marmalade Sky
The Way Through
Chamber Compositions performed live (or yet to be performed)
Trio + Trio
4 Mallet/2 Balls (audio) (sheet music)
Long & Low String Trio
Mongrel No. 1
Index Card for Brass Quintet
Amuse Bouche
Peace for Strings, Percussion & Piano
Mary, Don’t Be Afraid
Zuni Lullaby for Solo Cello