I’m a supporter and defender of this planet. I believe that if everyone takes responsibility for their own environmental footprint, we can go a long way towards righting the wrongs that have occurred in the past. And for the most part, sooner than our government can help.
I do support larger causes financially and as a volunteer whenever possible. This is my list of favorites, but by no means an exhaustive list of ways to get more involved with larger groups.

My Support

Sycamore Land Trust
These folks aren’t waiting around for regulations to protect our natural world. They’ve worked hard to identify wetland and old growth forest areas throughout southern Indiana that are privately owned and worked with the owners to protect it permanently from development or government over-reach. I hope they’ll continue to push further north through the entire state, but they’ll need financial help and awareness to get there.
Hoosier Environmental Council
These folks are more broad-based, covering all aspects of environmental abuse and water resources throughout the state. They have a strong presence in the statehouse, but with so many issues from Coal to CAFE, the need for volunteers and financial support is critical.
Friends of the White River
Their name says it all. Folks who live on the River, folks who enjoy the river for boating, fishing, water play of many sorts, all trying to keep the River clean, with safe water that can be used by communities all along its path.
Interfaith Power and Light
A fine group of folks from the faith community, woking to turn their congregations into environmentally friendly members in their homes as well as the buildings they use for worship.
Citizens Climate Lobby
Yes, lobbyist. But these are the good guys, working with our Federal representatives to assist them in understanding the negative and positive impact of legislation brought to the floor so that they understand how to vote intelligently to protect our nation’s resources.
Sierra Club
Most folks have heard of this group. They are also one of the good-guy lobbyists helping to block legislation that might harm natural resources, our National Park system, and the actual critters that live in this world and must be protected from humankind’s attempts to alter the environment to suit their needs.